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Feedback on Developing on a Mac with VMware Fusion

After working on VMware Fusion on my new Mac running Windows (for VPN purposes) which is running the very hefty IntelliJ, It really does require a lot of juice to process at a regular pace as it would solely on Linux. As expected, I had to increase the RAM of the virtual machine. When doing things like a source DIff of local vs repository files in IntelliJ while on VPN on the virtual machine, that does take several seconds longer but I am sure another boost of the RAM would fix that. As a user, VMware is great to use, incredibly easy to install on the Mac and add virtual machines. I’m waiting for the latest release of Ubuntu to add that as well..Apr 23.


Thoughts On Open Source vs Proprietary

I find it interesting that so many companies choose proprietary software over open source. I see the argument against open source, but I think all one has to do is get involved in an international open source project and see how they are conducted to see things differently.

It is curious that all of the open source frameworks I have worked with over the past decade have been flawless to use as a developer.