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It seems the word is out that I left DataStax. I made so many friends there, even recruited an old friend, and know many of us will continue to cross paths and collaborate. Thanks to everyone for the great memories.

Over the last year I have spoken at several Spark, Scala and Machine Learning meetups, then internationally at Scala Conferences like Scala Days Amsterdam, many Big Data conferences such as Spark Summit, Strata and Emerging Tech Conferences, all of which I hope to continue to do.

Spark Summit East 2015

Scala Days Amsterdam, 2015

Philly ETE – Emerging Tech 2015

In October 2015 I’ll be speaking at Spark Summit EU, and on the Spark panel at Grace Hopper. Also I’ll be at Strata NYC again, this year hosting the Spark track on Thursday. I’m adding some cool stuff to my Big Data Lambda talk and new code.

What’s next – I’m humbled to have been contacted by many engineers I know and highly respect about working at their companies, where in some cases they are the founders. This is making for a very difficult decision because they are all doing really interesting and exciting work with open source technologies I like. In the meantime I am taking a month or so to enjoy the last part of summer, something I haven’t had time to do for years :)


Open Source Artificial Intelligence for the Cloud

The idea of introducing intelligent computing so that software can make decisions autonomously and in real time is not new but it is relatively new to the cloud. Microsoft seems to be the strongest force in this realm currently but this is not open source. The idea of clouds that manage themselves steps way beyond Cloud Ops as we know it, and is the only logical, and necessary, next step.

I’ve been researching various open source AI platforms and learning algorithms to start building a prototype for cloud-based learning and action for massive distributed Cloud Ops systems and applications. Once could off er an AI cloud appliance eventually but I will start with a prototype and build on that using RabbitMQ (an AMQP messaging implementation), CEP, Spring, Java as a base. I’ve been looking into OpenStack, the open source cloud computing software being developed by NASA, RackSpace, and many others. Here is the future GitHub repo:

This is a working (initial) idea of where an AI appliance might fit into a virtualized, elastic environment. I will update this concept soon as I created it early this summer and have many changes to now make to it. The parent post: Open Source Artificial Intelligence for the Cloud

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AI Technology

  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Heuristic Search
  • Temporal Reasoning
  • Learning Models
  • Intelligent Virtual Agents
  • Autonomic and Adaptive Clustering of Distributed Agents
  • Clustering Autonomous Entities
  • Constraint Predictability and Resolution
  • Automated Intelligent Provisioning
  • Real-time learning
  • Real-world action
  • Uncertainty and Probabilistic Reasoning
  • Decision Making
  • Knowledge Representation

I will go into these topics further in future posts.

About me: I am currently an engineer at SpringSource/VMware on the vFabric Cloud Application Platform side of things, however this project is wholly outside of that, I feel the need to pursue something I’m interested in. I work with the RabbitMQ team and a member of the AMQP Working Group.