JPA 2.0 Concurrency and locking and AOP Around Advice for Deadlock Retry

This article by Carol McDonald from Sun on JPA 2.0 Concurrency and locking is interesting. I like the idea of using AOP for handling crosscutting concerns such as Deadlocks, such as this:

1. You define your Deadlock Aspect
2. Write your @Around advice for stateless or idempotent operations that throw HibernateException from classes marked @Repository:

Around any idempotent operation, such as in a stateless business service, when a DataAccessException is thrown, keep track of how many tries, and re-execute:

public Object retryDeadlockLosers(ProceedingJoinPoint pjp) throws Throwable {
int attempts = 0;
DeadlockLoserDataAccessException looserEx = null;
while (attempts++ < maxAttempts) {
try {
return pjp.proceed();
} catch(DeadlockLoserDataAccessException ex) {
loserEx = ex;
throw loserEx;


Which is more a pattern you can use wherever needed and how such as you can apply to go to another rack, hop to another database, what have you.


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