Automating The Deployment Process

How many companies fully automate their deploy process? This is not a new idea but I am bringing it up as it is a very important one. I just read and really like the idea bounced by Martin Fowler here,, put forth by Dave Farley and Jez Humble. If you think of the SDLC in terms of a manufacturing plant, and around that framework wrap the ideas of LEAN and Six Sigma, not doing this strategy is actually contributing, hundreds of hours per year in high-release companies, to bottlenecks and increase of constraints to flow. The simple idea demonstrated by this sample of blue green deployment shows how simply setting up the proper environment we can easily flip the switch to what instance is production. There are of course many strategies to this, some excellent ones in the cloud and easily transferable to not, particularly when we think in terms of OSGi, but the point remains the same – critical to do for many business justifications, many ways to do it.


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