Building RabbitMQ Java Client Source from GitHub on Mac

For anyone that thinks of Python as a large snake, here are the steps I took to set up building the Rabbitmq java client on my mac with GitHub sources.

First, macs now come OOTB with python installed so you’re good there unless you wish to update the package. Simply type ‘python’ at the command line to see what you have. Go to to get the URI to pull for the source.

hedelson$ wget{latest.version}.tar.gz#md5={autogenerated-hash}
hedelson$ cd /path/to/simplejson-2.1.2/
hedelson$ sudo python
hedelson$ python build
hedelson$ python install

If you don’t have this already, create a local repo for rabbitmq-codegen:

hedelson$ git clone git://
hedelson$ cd rabbitmq-codegen

To set up a fresh RabbitMQ java client repo from github and build from source (read only. From a fork is a bit different)

hedelson$ git clone git://
hedelson$ cd /path/to/rabbitmq-java-client
hedelson$ ant dist


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