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The Importance of Patterns in Messaging

Organization who dealt with scalability challenges successfully such as Google, eBay, Amazon and Yahoo, went through architecture changes and eventually reached a similar pattern: Asynchronous event-driven design.

Claim Check – Handling large file sizes

Messaging is most applicable to fast, frequent use cases of data transfer and notifications. Transport of large files is not, however the Claim Check Enterprise Integration Pattern (EIP) is very well suited for this.

How can we reduce the data volume of message sent across the system without sacrificing information content?

  • Store message data in a persistent store that has HA and is highly scalable
    • A NOSQL store is more appropriate than a relational database
      • Document Store: If you choose to store the file itself
        • CouchDB – REST protocol, JSON API
      • Key Value: If you choose to store the location URI of the file
        • Riak – REST protocol, JSON API
  • Pass a Claim Check (unique key) to subsequent components
  • These components use the Claim Check to retrieve the stored information

The Claim Check key allows you to replace message content with a claim check for later message retrieval. This pattern is very useful when message content is very large and would be too expensive to send around. They key here is that not all components require all information – some just need the key, while others need the actual data in the file.

It can also be useful in situations where you cannot trust the information with an outside party; in this case, you can use the Claim Check to hide the sensitive portions of data.